At Be Positive,
we take you through individual and group transformation projects by proposing an innovative and concrete approach from recent scientific studies: positive psychology, neurosciences, mindfulness.

The Be Positive approach contributes to:
+ Generating joy, resilience, confidence, engagement, collaboration, creativity
+ Promoting a return to good sense, to simple solutions and to a form of wisdom
+ Daring to explore and to listen to our heart, as a guide for ourrself and in relationships with others
+ Transmitting tools with proven effectiveness, supported by scientific studies

The transformation of companies goes through individual transformation. Everyone contributes to society’s transformation in his/her own way. Like in the legend of the hummingbird, individual has its part to play…


Brigitte Vaudolon
Be Positive’s Founder

+ Clinical Psychologist

+ Coach accredited by the EMCC

+ Accredited Practitioner in Appreciative Inquiry (AI)
+ 10 years as an international manager

+ More than 20 years experience in the field of well-being at work

+ Expertise in the 3 levels of prevention of psychosocial risks

+ Solid experience in Managerial and Organizational Consulting

+ Educated at the School of Medicine in Strasbourg: “Medicine, meditation and Neuroscience” degree

+ Contributes to best practices in France and abroad


We are working closely with selected partners who are sharing our values: Expertise, Kindness, High Requirements.